This is the official course blog for COMM 100C “Social Formations” during Summer Session II at UC San Diego.
COMM 100C is

A critical introduction to structures of communication formed across the intersections of the state, economy, and civil society. Includes historical survey of communication industries, legal and policy-based arenas, civic and political organizations, and other social institutions; and integrates scholarly study with production-oriented engagement.

–UCSD Course Catalog

For students enrolled in the course, this will be the primary means of communicating course information such as assignments, guiding questions for readings, and links to news stories or other relevant material. This blog will also be a platform for the students of COMM 100C to write their own posts on media and telecommunications.
For any reader not enrolled in the course, please keep in mind that this is an extension of a college classroom. Outside voices are welcome and appreciated, but must follow the UCSD Principles of Community.

The rest of the teaching team and I are looking forward to engaging with all of you in this course.

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