Blog assignment

Please review the prompt for the Blog assignment

The basics:

Write a post for the blog.

Follow the conventions of blogging (e.g. use hyperlinks, tags, etc.).


You may be wondering, What should I write about? Well, it’s up to you…but here are some tips.

–Be timely: good blog posts are about something going on right now. It doesn’t have to be about today’s news, but it needs to be something that is still relevant today. This can be an analysis of a recent news item or providing background information for it. It can also be an attempt to highlight the importance of a seemingly obscure court decesion or media/telecomm business deal.

–Be topical: this is a class about media and communication, therefore your post should be about media and/or communication. Yes, this can be interpreted very broadly. A review of a particular cosmetic product won’t work…but an analysis of an advertisment for it will.

–Don’t be a jerk: While we encourage you to take a position, this must be done in a respectful manner. Please refer to the UCSD Principles of Community for guidance on this. If your assigned blog post violates these principles, it will be deleted and it will not count.

–Don’t plagiarize: Yes, this is a blog, but it’s also an assignment for Comm100c. You are free to cite others in the form of hyperlinks, but don’t try to pass someone else’s work off as your own.

Please let your TA or me know if you have any questions.

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