Girls Inc. Campaign

Here we have a organization, Girls Inc., recently trying to promote the awareness of the struggles young girls face in the United States:

The campaign seeks to reach potential donors to make them aware of the challenges girls face on daily basis. Girls Inc. was founded in 1814 and has been in operation to inspire and help young girls succeed in life. According to the New York Times, the organization has received “corporate support from companies like American Express, AT&T and Google and foundations like the Kellogg Foundation”.

So does this public service announcement set any chance to seek for real changes to the struggles of young girls? I do not think so at all. This campaign is pushing against a strong tide. I believe the environment around young girls and society as a whole should be the real target of focus. The campaign itself is a holistic approach towards some broad issues that do affect young girls, however, the change in the conditions of young girls depend on society.

I understand the need to use statistic to let people know what some girls are facing in hopes the public will make contributions but I do not think that is enough to just lay the problem out there. Yes, it is raising awareness but in a sense that this could become a risk of internalizing the struggles of girls causing them to remain helpless rather than inspiring them to become powerful women. The public service announcement only displays portrayals of statistics rather than showing a solution to stop these statistics from increasing.

Girls Inc. has a great history with great intentions but I just do not think this campaign is as strong enough as it can be. In regards to communication, the media platform to spread this campaign is almost limitless but the message in this campaign needs to be more focus in how society can react and participate in the efforts of helping young girls of the organization’s mission.



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