Mexico: What’s Going On??

There are many stories and articles as to why Mexico is not safe to travel to. Is it the Cartel? The Media? Or both? The news media has become the primary source as to why a lot of people here in the United States believe that it is dangerous to set foot in Mexico because of the cartels. They have this perception of getting killed or robbed because of the news they see in their television screens. Below, in a news clip from 2011 that is much evident to the ones shown today, A News Vancouver Island describes the deadly incidents that occurred with U.S citizens that traveled to Mexico.

“Mexico Travel: Safe or Not” by A News Vancouver Island

Mexico is not an exception. Take in consideration that every city and every country has places that are both safe and dangerous. In The Seattle Times, “Travel Wise| Getting better advice on Mexico safety“, by Carol Pucci, describes advisable warnings for travelers on what spots to go to or not and how they should be careful. The dangerous areas should simply be avoided. The thing about the media is that when they make up such an interesting and compelling story, once it is shown to the public, they tend to believe it. Nobody should consider canceling their annual, vacational trips because of it.

Personally, I am annual visitor of Guadalajara, Jalisco located in Mexico and my family and I have never experienced the violent dangers of being there. The concept is very simple : if you are involved in violent businesses such as the cartel, expect something to happen. Most of the cartel wars happen between each other. Take for instance the gangs that exist in the United States. The conflicts that arise are between the affiliated and not regular people. Similarly, it happens between the “narcos” (the cartel) in Mexico.

Guadalajara Cathedral Mexico

The drug violence that grabs the attention of news media headlines should not define a country full of historical attractions. Mexico is such a beautiful place full of preserved culture, food, and people that deserve more than what it is credited for. What are you waiting for?



Article: “Travel Wise | Getting better advice on Mexico safety”

Image: Guadalajara, Jalisco





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