Obama’s Airstrikes

I read various articles of airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq. When I connected to media sites yesterday, they talked about ‘airdrop of food and water.” However, today, major media such as CNN, Msnbc, The Washington Post or ABC News reports the event and they use different quotations from Obama in order to emphasize their stances.

As media conveys objective facts about attitude of the American government against ISIS, they respectively find the reason why Obama authorizes “targeted airstrike” in Iraq. CNN uses quotation, “we do whatever is necessary to protect our people” and “we support our allies when they’re in danger (Obama).” CNN finds that the airstrikes is for American citizens and allies in Iraq. That is, the purpose of air strikes is self – defense.

Msnbc and abc News have different perspective of the airstrikes; “Obama authorizes air strikes, humanitarian aid mission in Iraq,” abc News reports. Msnbc reports, “when many thousands of innocent civilians are faced with the danger of being wiped out, and we have the capacity to do something about it, we will take action (Obama)” and “that is our responsibility as Americans, That’s a hallmark of American leadership. That’s who we are (Obama).” Two media focus on that they can help innocent people although they are not Americans and the U.S. has the responsibility of saving them. That is, their perspective explain the airstrikes with humanitarianism; it is anethic of kindness, benevolence, and sympathy extended universally and impartially to all human beings (Wikipedia).

The U.S. has the most powerful military power in the world, and they have conducted many wars against other countries. Today, Obama authorized the airstrike for the Americans and innocent people in danger in Iraq. Obama addressed the importance of both of self – defense and humanitarianism, and the media handles the speech with their taste. The important thing when I watch the media is necessity of looking various aspects of an event. To judge an event with one perspective may cause bias. If I watched only CNN, I would think like that Obama does not care about humanitarianism.