What do you use as a GPS?


With the current technology and media that is out in our society today, there are many forms of GPS available for people to use. Whether it is a built-in GPS in a car, a portable and removable one, or one in your smart phone through an application, it is fairly common for many drivers to use GPS to get around and navigate to their destinations.

In a society where it is extremely common for individuals to own a smartphone, many people on the roads use them. Although my car has a built-in GPS, I myself use my phone and use the smartphone application, Waze because I found it much more convenient to navigate through than other applications.

I actually started to use Waze over Maps when a friend shared with me that there are many users that use the same application where they report cops, traffic, accidents, and hazards such as objects on the road and other users can see them. I later realized that there are now an additional 7 Things I love About Waze.

Some of these additional features include unique voices in the audio settings such as the voice of Elvis Presley, syncing from calendars to plan routes, customizing routes such as toll and freeways, indication of gas stations, and you can also contribute and help other users by reporting yourself on the Waze app.

I’m not going to lie, Waze saved me several speeding tickets by warning me where there were cops actually pulled over or hiding, as well as several hours by indicating about upcoming traffic and rerouting me to finding the fastest way to my destination. What is your thought about a more socially engaging type of GPS for the better and convenience of one another?