Chicharito. The Mexican superstar has been on the news recently. Yesterday was the last day in the transfer window and he had a shocking transfer in the world of soccer. Rumors had been going for years now about a  possible transfer to Real Madrid but none of them were true, until yesterday morning. He was loaned to Real Madrid with a possible option for a buy from Machester United. The Real Madrid clubs main page showedcase the Mexican Football star today as he signed and was introduced to the city as a Madrid player. However, many people have criticized this transfer to Real because of the quality type players found in the team like Christiano Ronaldo, Modric, Bale, James Rodriguez and Iker Casillas. However, what I found most interesting was a Facebook post I came across where many forms of negative speech arose. Some of the comments regarding his transfer involved critics saying he was going to “warm up the bench”, or “not even play”, “he doesnt deserve to be in the team” and that “he wasn’t top quality”. This quickly brought to my intention on how hurtful this language could be to people. Although, I’m not sure whether theses comments fall under “hate speech” they do seem to bring forth some sort of pain towards individuals on their value and quality. But to my surprise there were also comments from people that said “he will have a great season” or that he has top quality. Most of these comments are found on Soccerly.  So I believe that in regards to the negative comments on his transfer, there should be something done to get rid of those cyber bullies, or at least a way to get rid of negative comments that can be really hurtful to individuals. I mean, really?, who benefits from cyber bullies and hurtful comments? No one does. It should be regulated.