Externalizing Private Experiences Addiction

This TIME article poses a good point about the addiction of externalizing private experience regarding the recent hacking issues that has caused internet security to come under scrutiny.


Pressure on girls to take sexy selfies comes out of a culture that equates modesty with shame, instead of seeing what it really is

While hackers are morally culpable and should be prosecuted for their crimes, why do women feel the need to take and SHARE nude selflies in the first place?

There is a dogma of “If you’ve got it, flaunt it” but women should not be told that its a sign of being “proud of your sexuality”. This philosophy has turned young girls frantically taking pictures of themselves striking porn-inspired poses trying to strive for the attention of males. And nothing is going to stop this behavior because we live with the society that is so integrated with technology.


The pressure on girls to take sexy selfies today comes out of a culture that routinely equates modesty with shame, instead of recognizing it for what it really is: an impulse that protects what is precious and intimate.

The article states, “The larger issue is about how there is an addiction to externalizing our private experience to the point where we have nearly lost the ability to privately enjoy these moments”. Social media has played a part of our culture and discourse but are we using social media the right way? Are we taking other considerations to privacy violations and sexual offenses when we see leaked nude photos?

People need to understand that the internet and social media are outlets of communication and not take advantage of the service they provide for personal greed. What is private has a special quality, and people need to enjoy the private moments they create instead of constantly trying to publicize such precious moments. People need to be critical of why they are posting selfies or anything on the internet before they fall victim to hackers.