Lecture 2.2

For Monday, here are the links to the “readings:”

On the Media (radio show) “The Shifting State of Internet Governance”
Roni Jacobson, “Nobody is Neutral When It Comes to Net Neutrality”
Whitney Erin Boesel “Almost Everything You Wanted to Know About Net Neutrality”
You should follow her really awesome Twitter account: @weboesel
A guide to the technical terms regarding the physical infrastructure of the internet. Have this handy when reading the other pieces in case you get confused with the technical jargon.
Brian Fung “Net Neutrality Was Just the Start” You can follow him on Twitter: @b_fung

Reading questions
As you are reading and listening, pay attention to who the key players in this debate are. What do they have to gain if their side wins? What are their fears if they lose? How does each side position themselves with relation to the consumer? Obviously both sides claim to be arguing for the benefit of the consumer–how do they do it? Be sure you are able to explain how the federal government fits in. Why do some say the FCC should regulate internet providers and why do others say it shouldn’t?

This may look like a lot of things that I’m asking, but they are all inter-related.

Important: I want you to take a side and be prepared to defend it…in class.

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