What Has Social Media Done to Us?

The emergence of social media has become such a big part of our lives that so many people cannot live without checking the latest updates on the newsfeed on different social media every five minutes. Some may argue that social media has brought us positive impact but others argue that social media can be a toxic addiction despite the convenience social media has brought us. The article, “How Social Media Has Changed Communication Forever, Students Argue Over the Ongoing Debate of What Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr are Doing to Society” presents some responses on if the impact that social media has brought to the society is good or bad.

Social media has brought negative impact to our lives:

“’I feel as if people who are constantly on these social networks are attention seekers because they are always posting about their lives,’ Mendoza said. To many, being on social networks makes general relationships impersonal and makes it hard to communicate with people in person” (Escobar) With the fast update feature on different social networks, people get to share their life stories to everyone they know in just a few seconds without actually having to hold a communication in person for a longer time. Therefore, some people argue that social media does not generate better relationships between people but ruin people’s social skills. Ever since I created an account on Facebook, I have become so reliant to the chat feature that I actually talk to my friends more on Facebook instead of in person. Also, social media has brought some other negative impacts to my life such as I find myself often distracted by social media from what I’m doing. For instance, normally it will take me no more than one hour to finish writing a three page essay but I always end up spending three hours to finish an essay because I spend 2/3 of the time chatting on Facebook or scrolling through pictures on Instagram.

Despite the arguments on how social media helps people “get their mind out into the world when sometimes they cannot do it in person” and creates more connections between people, I think overall social media does bring more negative impacts to our lives.


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