Lecture 5.1, Free Speech

The article you are going to read for this lecture presents an interesting case study of how people perceive the threat of hate speech in the early (i.e. 2001) Internet.

Here are some things to consider/pay attention to as you read:

When are “content-based” restrictions of speech allowed in the US?
What is the tension between free speech and equality?
What are the reasons for restricting certain types of hate speech?

Here’s some background work you’ll need to do to better understand the article:
Define the following free-speech related terms (you may need to dig around in Wikipedia for this): fighting words; clear and present danger; prior restrictions; content based restrictions; defamation.

Per your requests from the Keep/Quit/Start responses, we will discuss this in lecture on Monday.

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One thought on “Lecture 5.1, Free Speech

  1. Priscilla Huang

    Ah fantastic!!! This makes me think that maybe this article would make for a good blog entry later in the week–topics similar to handling of hate-speech I guess
    (the article is a few days old–I wonder how effective the hashtag was after all)