Alternative, activist, and new media

For Tuesday we will be discussing New Media, Activist media, Alternative media, and combinations of the three. While you are reading Leah Lievrouw’s Alternative and Activist New Media, pay attention to how she describes new media, alt media and activist media. What are the qualities a medium or a piece of content must have to count as one or all of these? What are the historical roots of alt media and activist media? What influenced the work of the early practitioners? And what social/political commentary were they trying to make? What are the similarities between alternative/activist media and social movements?

I know it’s a big file, but you don’t have to read all of it: required pp 6-19, 28-41, 59-71.
Recommended: the rest of it.

Please try to bring in an example of alternative or activist new media. By looking for an example, you will gain a better understanding of Lievrouw’s definitions.