The YouTube Effect

YouTube is a video sharing website that allows anyone to upload any kinds of videos to share with a wide range of audience all around the world. Anyone that signs up for an YouTube account can easily have access to a variety of channels by simply typing in what they are looking for in the search bar. From the most viewed viral videos to the most creative videos uploaded by  talented people from everywhere around the world, YouTube has attracted more than millions of subscriptions everyday. With the vast viewership on YouTube, TV shows like The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Conan, Ellen DeGeneres, and Jimmy Kimmel Live have expanded their broadcast to the world largest video platform.

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YouTube allows these TV shows to reach  more diverse audience with its “second largest search engine” on the Internet. Since YouTube is owned by Google, YouTube has become an outlet that enables commercials and TV shows to spread their message rapidly and provided a platform for viewers to share their thoughts and to interact with YouTubers.

Another YouTube effect besides TV shows moving to the website is the huge subscriptions of famous YouTubers. From vloggers who upload videos of their daily life to beauty gurus posting makeup tutorials and shopping hauls, YouTube has gained more than billions of viewers thanks to these creative minds. Different than Hollywood celebrities, YouTubers are more accessible since they are just ordinary people that are willing to share their honest opinions on matters they care about. The increasing attention on YouTubers not only benefits YouTube’s profit gain, but also advertisements for different brands. Smaller brands sponsor YouTubers in order to increase their brand’s popularity. The most successful example of this kind of advertising strategy would be the swimming suit brand Triangl. Beauty gurus receive sponsored swim-wears from Triangl and upload review videos. Subscribers of these beauty gurus hear about the brand and trust the beauty gurus they have been following a long time therefore purchase the product.

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Review videos on Triangl swimming suits on YouTube has created the newest big trend of the neoprene swimwear. If you search “triangl” on Instagram, tens of thousands of pictures of Triangl will pop up. Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 4.59.48 PM


Thus, the effect of YouTube should not to be underestimated.